Sindy posing for Nude-Muse

“All natural is the theme for this series with Sindy. We just love her natural beauty, and always are amazed at how beautiful Sindy looks even without makeup or any editing of her photos. No plastic surgery, nothing artificial. Just pure beauty.

Nudity is so very natural. The most natural thing we can do and the most natural state of being. Yet it is the most vilified of any human activity. Even strong violence isn’t frowned upon as much as artistic nudity is. It is a screwed up world we live in.

I would rather see natural nude beauty like Sindy, than two people belting the living daylights out of each other.”



Pure erotica from Nude-Muse

One of the greatest influences on art and artists throughout history is the nude female form. Models like Sylph are genuine muses, that inspire and spark the creativity in the minds of people. Their beauty, grace, and ability to express everything from ideas, to emotion, just through their nude bodies is nothing short of remarkable.

Yet despite the value of nude art, and it’s contribution to the betterment of culture, there are people that still shrillishly screech how awful and disgusting the nude human form is. They will howl that no one should look at another nude human for fear it will corrupt or destroy minds. They forget that the purpose of art is to entertain, to instill awe in the viewer, at the beauty of something so moving, or to question the ideals of a society, to make people see other perspectives, other than their own. Unfortunately the same people who shrill about the wrongness of nudity are the same people who judge the world around them through the fog of their faith. The same faith that destroyed entire cultures, of tribes people in south America, the pacific islands and Africa. Made them put on clothes by scaring them that they would go to hell if they didn’t.

A lot of those people believe that they have to tell you, me and everyone around them that nudity is unacceptable because they said so. They preach and demand that everyone obey their view. There is no compromise in their eyes, there are no exceptions. They even hide behind children like a shield. The problem with that and any argument that states that nudity is bad, is the assumption that nudity always equals sex. Its does not!!! period. full stop.

You can be fully clothed and have sexual thoughts about anyone, who is also fully clothed. Just that alone is enough to debunk that stupid view. Yet it is a view propagated by those people and the mainstream media. They do so through association. You hear on the news, “naked man robs liquor store”. Or “drunk naked woman crashes car”. You never hear a headline “clothed man steals a car”. By saying nude and naked with a criminal activity, the association is made unconsciously by the mind, that nudity is a criminal activity. Nudity is also highly sexualised by media, by sitcoms and movies. Usually the only time you see nudity in a movie is a sex scene. There are some exceptions, but they are truly in the minority. Once again the association that nudity is sexual is quite clearly stated.

Sylph, beautifully demonstrates how being purely nude. Being totally and utterly naked, is not only artistic, but also non sexual. Her poses, mannerisms, and style are an extension of her mind and heart, being expressed through her body. Sylph could have done this clothed, but the nudity actually declutters the message, it purifies the beauty and style to it’s purest essence. It can only be done purely nude.

Introducing Sharna from Nude-Muse

We have all seen the nude body before. Sharna is no exception. She is quite comfortable in the skin she was born with and so were the other people by the sea that day that saw Sharna posing for our camera’s. It is odd when someone complains about the sight of a nude form. Are they offended by their own?

Rocks and sky is about the contrast between human flesh, the hard grainy rocks and the eternal blue sky, yet it can also be compared to the difference and contrast in attitude between people who see nudity as beautiful and natural and those that see nudity as vile and sinful. There is nothing dirty about being nude and enjoying the warm sun and cool ocean breeze. If only the people who are against nudity, would just go ahead and try it.

In analysis, it does not matter what people think, or believe, because fact will always override belief. You can believe as much as you want, the fact is we are born nude and it is the most natural way to be. Sharna, loved her nude excursion outside, and will join us in many more to come.

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Beautiful fine art nudes from Nude-Muse


At least that is what the media wants you to believe. Astute readers already know that nudity is far more than what the main stream media dictates. Sindy shows that nudity is not porn, it is also more than a shade of grey, it is in fact what we are. An absolute, but relativistic in our minds and perceptions.

So why is this titled, shapes of grey and not shades of grey? Well many people, just like Sindy, can express their feelings, or just simply their creativity through their bodies with movement. It is the shapes, that tell a story, and the story is more than a simple black and white meaning. So when we combine both, it becomes, shapes of grey. Beautiful, artistic, complex, evolving, an expression of the individual, and even unique to the individuals feelings, and thoughts at the time, as the same performance of the body will be slightly different each time it is performed.

The state of nudity is just a form of dress, or lack of any dress at all. It isn’t an action. It isn’t a crime, it isn’t pornographic. It is just the body we are born to in it’s most unadulterated, unaltered form. Pornography is a state of mind. It is our interpretation of things, as it can be anything. People can get great sexual pleasure and heightened sexual feeling from items of clothing (panties and shoes just to name two). It can be food. Not just actions we do with it but how we consume it. It can be almost anything at all. Pornography can be as varied as the number of people.

Nudity was, is, and always will be just our most natural form. It is our pure physical self. Sindy shows just how creative, beautiful and inspiring the nude self can be. Beautiful shapes of grey.


Watch Kimberly from Nude Muse in her birthday suit!

Here is the very first suit Kimberley ever wore. She was born with this suit. Her birthday suit. It is natural, fits perfectly, easy to wash and maintain, costs nothing, and lasts a lifetime. It sounds like the ultimate suit. In fact it is. So why are people so afraid of wearing it out in public? Why do people react badly to others who are happy to wear their birthday suit in public?

The birthday suit is uniquely tailored to you. No two are ever alike. Even twins will find their birthday suits vary. In hot weather it is the best way to stay cool if you don’t have air conditioning. It is waterproof, and can be accessorized with just about anything.

True in extreme cold and dangerous situations we need to protect our birthday suit, but for all other times, it is just plain handy. You never have to say “I have nothing to wear”. Just wear your birthday suit. You can be ready to go anywhere in an instant. If you spill sauce on your birthday suit during lunch, no problem. Just wipe it off. You see, your birthday suits doesn’t stain, like clothes do.

So why do people object to other wearing their birthday suit? I have no idea, especially when you can see all the benefits of wearing it. We never have to remember to put on our birthday suit when we leave the house. This was what we were born with, this is how we all are normally and naturally. It is just stupid conditioning, that makes people afraid to wear their birthday suit, or if they get upset when seeing another birthday suit. After all we all have similar birthdays suits. It is not like we have never seen one before. Maybe they are shocked at seeing one in a place where it normally is never seen. Well I have two thoughts on that. Do you get as upset if you see a clown on a bus? You don’t normally see clowns on buses. How about someone wearing a costume shaped like a hotdog. That doesn’t happen everyday, yet no one calls the police. My other thought is if people get upset at seeing a birthday suit in a place where we don’t normally see them, then maybe there should be more birthday suits in those places. Which means we will get used to seeing them everywhere, and it will no longer have that shock value.

We are in the 21st century and yet we still hang on to an 18th century view. It is time our culture matches the century we live in, and progress to a healthy attitude to our birthday suits.

Kimberly loved being photographed in her birthday suit, and she hopes that you are not shocked by seeing it. Instead she hopes you like her birthday suit too, as this was what she was born with.

Redheaded Adrienne from Nude-Muse

“Purple is a calming colour and appeals to many people. This purple satin series with Adrienne is about showing that the nude human form, no matter how much is visible, is beautiful, tasteful, stylish, creative and artistic. The human body is just the vessel we inhabit our entire lives. At one point some idiot decided that certain parts of our bodies are bad and taboo and no one should look at them. It was most likely a frustrated celibate monk, in the time when people feared the church or they would be next on the rack or burned at the stake. So what ever the church said in those days, was accepted as truth.

Although today we are far more enlightened and many religious people have a far more open mind and accept nudity for what it is, there are still a significant proportion of people that have major issues with nudity, let alone with labia and penises. The satin series shows that even if you see the intimate parts of a human being, that is just a small part of the overall human being. The sight of a labia is not what a woman is about. She is not just a walking labia/vagina. Yet the way certain individuals behave, they almost make it seems that is so. These photos hope to show that by revealing the human body in it’s entirety, that people will understand that we are a sum of many parts. Each just as important as the other. That a vagina is just another part of the body. Just as hands, mouths ears and back are parts of the human body. We somehow have no problem with those, even though two out of those four can also serve a direct sexual function

Some might ask is this art? Yes it certainly is. The images are not designed to be sexual. The setting is not sexual, and Adrienne is not posing nor exhibiting any sexual desires. Art is also about questioning how some people think. To provide an alternate look at the same idea, or in this case the human body. We could have made it very clinical, but then you can get that in any medical textbook. We want to present this idea as a form of art and to show the true beauty of Adrienne.

We should also give a special thanks to Adrienne and other models like her, who are willing to expose their entire bodies, to demonstrate a point. A very special thanks because so few people are comfortable enough with themselves to put their body on the line for art.”


Miranda loves chocolate!

Can chocolate be used as a fashion accessory? Diamonds maybe a girls best friend but we think chocolate maybe the true friend to every girl. Sindy just loves chocolate and jumped at the chance to do this set of photos. Sindy said during our photo shoot “This is the longest chocolate has lasted in my hands”. Usually chocolate and nudes together can turn into something not quite artistic, however Sindy brings her elegant and classy style to make beautiful fashionable art with nudity and chocolate.

Chocolate…..real raw organic chocolate (known as Cacao) is nature’s super food. It has the highest antioxidant rating of any food on earth. It has over 400 flavour compounds and health properties so high that the ancient Mayans reserved cacao only for the elite of their society. Raw Cacao is great for reducing cholesterol, cardiovascular system and even help in learning and memory. An experiment with kuna Indians found that those that lived on an island regularly drank raw cacao, had lower rates of heart disease and cancer.

Thankfully chocolate is widely available in the world and enjoyed by many, including Sindy. So chocolate is a girls best friend just in a more practical and healthy way than first imagined We think Sindy nude with chocolate is art from the divine or a tasty visual treat.