Introducing Kaya from Nextdoor-Models

Kaya grew up in a wealthy family in the ritzy and glamorous city of Vail, Colorado. Kaya loved spending her days skiing, shopping, playing dress-up and all things “girlie”. At only 19, she graduated high school and went right to Cosmetology school and is now working as a make up artist. She wants to be a make up artist to the stars and wouldn’t mind being “star” herself! Kaya says she loves all things shiny and sparkly and we love how her eyes shine and how she rocks a one piece-sling swimsuit!!

Introducing Tara Cox from Nextdoor-Models

Bio: Don’t call Tara a good old fashioned country girl from North Carolina. She has worked very hard to get rid of her slight southern twang and she secretly wishes she was a Cali girl. Tara was so taken with the idea of Hollywood glamour and the song “California Girls” that she has spent the last two years working odd jobs and saving enough money to move out to the west coast. Tara also just broke up with her high school boyfriend and her heartbreak is fueling the desire to move too. She hopes to make it big someday and is looking forward to seeing the country too. Until then, Tara is nursing her broken heart by lounging by the pool with her girl friends. Pool boys in North Carolina, be on the lookout for Tara Cox…maybe she needs her lotion reapplied?

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Age: 20
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’5
Measurements: 34C-20-24
Status: Single again…for now…
Favorite Color: Shiny Colors


Southern Belle from Nextdoor-Models

A Southern Belle, Alex (short for Alexandria) has a way with words and she is so proud of it that she wants to make it into her career. Growing up, she always loved to chat, gossip and write and was quite good in her drama classes. She wants to be a journalist and work on a national news station with her own show.
She really looks up to the Fox News girls on T.V. and it would be her dream to share her opinions with the world and look good doing it!

We think people will enjoy watching the news if we could see Alex! Stay tuned….

Sherri Sinclair getting nude

Bio: Although Sherri makes her home in the U.S. now, she was born “down under” in Australia. Every once in a while you can pick up on a slight Aussie accent when she starts telling stories (and she has a lot of stories)! Sherri loves to model and travel the world, but her favorite thing to do is dance and you can tell she is in shape by her perfectly firm, round ass! She even tried out for a dancing television competition, but was cut in the first round. Sherri still has fun dancing and hanging with her cat (Chewie…named after Chewbacca, ’cause she is a huge Star Wars fan). Not only does Sherri have a killer body, but she’s got “moves” and she loves Star Wars….we are in love with Sherri Sinclair!

Jessi June naked on Nextdoor-Models

Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 19
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’6″
Measurements: 34C-24-34
Status: Someone Special
Favorite Color: Red (I’m a Fireball)

Bio: This fireball is only 19, but she is smokin’ hot! Jessi June grew up in the Miami heat (no wonder she’s so hot)!!She is a professional model and spends her days traveling the country (she has covered more than 40 states already)meeting new people and really enjoys modeling anything, anywhere!