Group shower make Out from Abby Winters!

” Carys and Shee-ra are shaving their legs and play-fighting with the shaving cream when in walks Mayla. She seems to be the catalyst for everyone getting naked, playing with their boobs, and taking their undies off. The girls need to get the shaving cream off and wash their dirty bodies in the shower (that’s where the pink shower comes in). So all three hop into the shower and as you can imagine, hands will roam.”

Join the Shower!

Anal addicted lesbians from Abby Winters

Another stunning shoot, and another opportunity to enjoy Alyssa’s svelte, slender and tanned body as she engages with the slim, Dutch Fenna and her beautiful large, pert breasts.

The two start with some effortlessly seductive teasing and brush each others lips together fainting a kiss. Soon though they are moving each other around to undress and Fenna pays special attention to Alyssa’s amazing, pert, round bum as she slowly slides off her pants. Naked the two girls use their fingers, tongue’s, bodies and some anal play to raise each other to orgasm!


Naturally beautiful aussie amateur!

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Spunky (adj). A person who is good looking or cute. I sooooo want to write a letter to these dictionary people and tell them to add Kate S as a definitive example. She’s trained in classical ballet – but her slender, flexible, sharp-as figure probably gave it away. Oh, and maybe the tutu. No need to adjust your screen – Abby girls are always so hot that they make their surrounding environment glow!