Mellisa Clarke – every inch the star

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Beauty and Mellisa Clarke. Two things that go hand in hand.
In my world the word was created for her. And no better place on the World Wide Web to showcase this than right here on Body in Mind.
From her beautiful, radiant eyes that will melt your heart if you look into them for longer than 2 seconds, right down to her pretty foot tattoos, every inch of Mel is a sight to behold. But if you think her talents end there then you’re sorely mistaken. In a world where so many misguided, ill-informed people come to the conclusion that models are nothing more than sex objects, Mel is one of many that defy this ridiculous logic on a daily basis.
As a highly talented DJ she has travelled across the US dj’ing for the Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque show. And also wows crowds on an almost weekly basis for Total Uprawr. Two massively successful careers and all at the age of 22.

Not even the sky can limit the rising star of Mellisa Jade Clarke.

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