The return Laurie Jeffery!

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Feminists tell us we’re just a poor excuse for porn, that we should just admit we’re pervs drooling at women.
Porn lovers tell us we’re a poor excuse for a philosophy site, that we should just drop all the words and just give them something to drool at.
Now BiM might not always have the absolute best photography out there (although we think much of it is), and our ideas might not all be new and brilliant (although most of them are), but we have one thing that most philosophy and beauty photography miss, and that is, that they belong together.

The desire to remove our minds from sex is the desire to get away with perversion, and the desire to remove sexuality from philosophy is the desire to get away with prudishness. What’s surprising is that in the common example we gave it’s the feminists who want to remove the mind from sex and the pervs who want to remove the sex from philosophy! But this shouldn’t be too surprising since hatred of sex and/or the mind is hatred of what makes us fundamentally human, so anyone who wants to separate them is bound to become something perfectly preposterous.

Somehow we simply don’t mind looking silly to such people.

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