Introducing Sharna from Nude-Muse

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We have all seen the nude body before. Sharna is no exception. She is quite comfortable in the skin she was born with and so were the other people by the sea that day that saw Sharna posing for our camera’s. It is odd when someone complains about the sight of a nude form. Are they offended by their own?

Rocks and sky is about the contrast between human flesh, the hard grainy rocks and the eternal blue sky, yet it can also be compared to the difference and contrast in attitude between people who see nudity as beautiful and natural and those that see nudity as vile and sinful. There is nothing dirty about being nude and enjoying the warm sun and cool ocean breeze. If only the people who are against nudity, would just go ahead and try it.

In analysis, it does not matter what people think, or believe, because fact will always override belief. You can believe as much as you want, the fact is we are born nude and it is the most natural way to be. Sharna, loved her nude excursion outside, and will join us in many more to come.

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