Introducing Tara Cox from Nextdoor-Models

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Bio: Don’t call Tara a good old fashioned country girl from North Carolina. She has worked very hard to get rid of her slight southern twang and she secretly wishes she was a Cali girl. Tara was so taken with the idea of Hollywood glamour and the song “California Girls” that she has spent the last two years working odd jobs and saving enough money to move out to the west coast. Tara also just broke up with her high school boyfriend and her heartbreak is fueling the desire to move too. She hopes to make it big someday and is looking forward to seeing the country too. Until then, Tara is nursing her broken heart by lounging by the pool with her girl friends. Pool boys in North Carolina, be on the lookout for Tara Cox…maybe she needs her lotion reapplied?

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Age: 20
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’5
Measurements: 34C-20-24
Status: Single again…for now…
Favorite Color: Shiny Colors


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