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At least that is what the media wants you to believe. Astute readers already know that nudity is far more than what the main stream media dictates. Sindy shows that nudity is not porn, it is also more than a shade of grey, it is in fact what we are. An absolute, but relativistic in our minds and perceptions.

So why is this titled, shapes of grey and not shades of grey? Well many people, just like Sindy, can express their feelings, or just simply their creativity through their bodies with movement. It is the shapes, that tell a story, and the story is more than a simple black and white meaning. So when we combine both, it becomes, shapes of grey. Beautiful, artistic, complex, evolving, an expression of the individual, and even unique to the individuals feelings, and thoughts at the time, as the same performance of the body will be slightly different each time it is performed.

The state of nudity is just a form of dress, or lack of any dress at all. It isn’t an action. It isn’t a crime, it isn’t pornographic. It is just the body we are born to in it’s most unadulterated, unaltered form. Pornography is a state of mind. It is our interpretation of things, as it can be anything. People can get great sexual pleasure and heightened sexual feeling from items of clothing (panties and shoes just to name two). It can be food. Not just actions we do with it but how we consume it. It can be almost anything at all. Pornography can be as varied as the number of people.

Nudity was, is, and always will be just our most natural form. It is our pure physical self. Sindy shows just how creative, beautiful and inspiring the nude self can be. Beautiful shapes of grey.


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