Mellisa Clarke: a day in the life of a Page 3 model

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Mellisa Clarke on Body in Mind

The definition of objectification requires a woman to be treated as a body only, without dignity. Nudity alone is not enough to quality a woman as undignified, therefore nudity alone is not enough to qualify as objectification. Objectification also requires a woman to be treated as a tool for others’ purposes.
Glamour photos may be a “tool” for titillation, but the models are not. Nor could they ever be, unless they were slaves. Page3 does not enslave models it employs them; glamour modeling is a profession & Page3 treats models like the professionals they are.
Therefore Page3 doesn’t objectify women. NoMorePage3, however, which is a campaign to fire all Page3 models, does objectify women. It robs them of their dignity by treating models as mere tools for NMP3’s political gain – as mindless, expendable objects, neither asking the models’ opinion nor giving them any choice.
Like anyone who tries to victimise innocent women NoMorePage3 tries to dehumanise their victims.
They regularly photobomb news stories wearing t-shirts with NO MORE PAGE THREE written on them. These shirts might as well say NO MORE MELLISA CLARKE or NO MORE KELLY HALL or NO MORE RHIAN SUGDEN.
This is one of the reasons we like to do Day in the Life series on BiM. It treats models as real people with real lives with real feelings and real power over their lives.

We think attacking such amazing examples of free & powerful womanhood is completely unacceptable, and we hope one day soon there will be no more NoMorePage3. And a lot more amazing women like Mellisa Clarke.

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