Cat is fully nude for Body in Mind

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Our Twitter account was recently suspended for a week due to one of our photos of Cat. Link.
Scout Willis was nice enough to retweet the photo in the spirit of anti-censorship, but one of her followers missed the message completely and accused the photo of being simply a “Playboy pic” that had nothing to do with freeing women’s bodies. Scout rightly reminded this person that the model is a person who deserves respect.
Personally we find it odd that so many people make so many assumptions – usually negative ones – about beautiful women, especially those who pose nude. Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many women these days seem to resent glamour photography. So in the interest of fighting this kind of lookist bigotry we thought some of you might be interested to know that the model in the censored photo and in this “Breathless” set is not a professional nude model or porn star.
She is a 32-year-old seamstress who makes her own make-up, disappears into the wilderness for days at a time in “Survivor Man” fashion, is currently designing an earthship home which she plans to build herself where she plans to live & care for variously challenged family members.

There’s a reason bigotry is wrong. Lookism, racism, sexism, ageism all cause us to commit injustice against good people, and make only the person doing it look bad.

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