Rhian Sugden is happy and naked!

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FreeTheNipple is successful they will achieve 2 things. Most of the nipples freed in public will belong to breastfeeding mothers and most of the nipples freed in the media will belong to models.
Unfortunately, if the USA is anything like Great Britain, within a generation the same feminists who fought for free nipples will be fighting to ban them in the media citing objectification & sexualisation of women.
The group doing this in Britain right now is called NoMorePage3. Page3 is a daily topless glamour model in many of the tabloids that has come to be a bit of an institution over the last 40 years to the point it now uses its popularity and power to promote many important charities.
Britain has also had legalised public breastfeeding for roughly the same period. Britain freed the nipple long ago. And in keeping with freedom it did not specify precisely whose, when & where.
Canada tried to solve the “problem” of topless models when it freed nipples. Feminists successfully campaigned to have Canada’s own version of Page3 called the Sunshine Girl shut down. Shortly afterwards, due to one brave woman going topless in public & an equally brave judge ruling in her favor, public toplessness became legal in Ontario, Canada, providing it was not for commercial purposes.
This somewhat ambiguous message resulted in very few women actually going topless in Ontario. Nipples were free in public, but not in the paper.
The old laws were gone, but the stigma remained. And so did the sleeping power in women’s breasts. Nudity & beauty are powerful together. They are the realm of art, which is the realm of projecting idyllic visions of the way things could be & should be in the world. It’s no coincidence that FreeTheNipple & FEMEN both inspire us by using a pretty woman boldly & exuberantly enjoying her freedom as their spokesmodel.
This is the real reason to free women’s bodies: to empower them to bring personal freedom, positive change and ultimately happiness back into our lives. The aesthetic power of the human body has always inspired morality in humankind, from Greek gods to the Renaissance to modern superheros.

It’s precisely female beauty’s power to inspire thought & moral change that frightens people so much, and this is the real reason women have been kept down throughout most of history. It’s time to free women’s bodies – to free the nipple culturally and commercially – on main street and in the media, so the world can finally have the much needed divine feminine as a model and equal influence in building a new ethos.

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