Kelly Hall: she’s got real boobs

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2014-07-11 07:31:16

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At BiM we think boobs not balls should be the body part associated with bravery.
After all it’s women who are changing the world these days, not men.
And they’re doing it with their breasts.

After a long battle women have gotten infamously prudish Facebook & InstaGram to allow breastfeeding photos. Scout Willis & Rhianna have both told InstaGram to shove their accounts due to censoring their nipple baring photos, completely shaking up the social media world.
Top freedom groups like FreeTheNipple & NudePulpFiction are kicking ass all over New York with their tits out and FEMEN is doing it all over the world. It won’t be long now until we start hearing “It takes BOOBS to do that!” or “He got no BOOBS!” etc. And let’s not forget the brave women who have gone where most women never dare, the nude models like Kelly Hall.

Armed with an irresistibly good nature and of course breasts the size of…well, let’s just say bigger than any man’s balls, these ladies have paved the way for all women to bust’em out, and bust’em up.

So to speak. We sincerely hope breasts do become the new symbol for bravery. If they do, it will change forever the meaning of the phrase “She’s got real boobs!” Kelly certainly has.

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