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We know female beauty is meant to inspire reproduction in the human species. And with 7 billion people on the planet we’d say it’s doing its job quite well. What most people don’t know is that nature has an additional purpose in mind for female beauty, one meant to temper blind reproduction, and that is: to inspire morality.
Morality, or ethics, is the branch of philosophy that deals with values, values being those things in life we want & try to be. Beauty inspires morality by lighting up our brains every time we see the image of our values.
For example you will find your dream home beautiful, or a country that has the sort of geography you prefer will be first on your vacation plans because it will look beautiful to you.
Female beauty is no different. It always represents your values in a woman. For example, when a woman possesses the kind of qualities you like most in a human being, or even if she only appears to be the kind of woman you always thought you deserved, you will find her beautiful & you will be attracted to her. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live it will always be true. It is an objective unchanging principle of female beauty. Ethics is part of our nature, as sure as reproduction is.
And female beauty inspires both. It’s our hope that human beings will learn to use the power of female beauty ethically as well as sexually, to inspire change in ourselves and improvements in our world, just as nature intended.

Groups like FEMEN & FreeTheNipple give us hope. As do individual heroines like Scout Willis in these last few weeks. If we don’t learn, the future doesn’t look very bright or beautiful.

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