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Several cancer awareness campaigns in the UK using sexy models have come under fire from feminists lately, in spite of the campaigns being wildly successful. In fact even our own Rhian received thanks from a man for saving his life. Yay Rhian!!!

Yet many have called the campaigns insensitive & exploitative and have condemned them for associating sex with cancer. Sorry, but when people let their resentment of sexy women get in the way of common sense we have to speak up. Asking sexy women to stop promoting charities is so outrageously mean spirited that we almost choke in anger and disbelief.

Of course cancer patients and survivors deserve consideration for their feelings, commiseration for their suffering, as well as admiration and praise for their courage. However being a cancer patient – or professing concern for one – does not mean you get to insult others with impunity.

It doesn’t mean you get to stop attempts to prevent cancer because you don’t like the spokesperson. And it certainly doesn’t mean you get to increase the risk others will get cancer just because you did. No one in society gets to use their own personal problems or suffering to inflict suffering on others.

That is the OPPOSITE of charity. In the last few years sexy women have shown an amazing ability to raise awareness and money for charity, and their ability to raise so much to fight cancer is a reason to admire them even more, not less.

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