Watch Kimberly from Nude Muse in her birthday suit!

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Here is the very first suit Kimberley ever wore. She was born with this suit. Her birthday suit. It is natural, fits perfectly, easy to wash and maintain, costs nothing, and lasts a lifetime. It sounds like the ultimate suit. In fact it is. So why are people so afraid of wearing it out in public? Why do people react badly to others who are happy to wear their birthday suit in public?

The birthday suit is uniquely tailored to you. No two are ever alike. Even twins will find their birthday suits vary. In hot weather it is the best way to stay cool if you don’t have air conditioning. It is waterproof, and can be accessorized with just about anything.

True in extreme cold and dangerous situations we need to protect our birthday suit, but for all other times, it is just plain handy. You never have to say “I have nothing to wear”. Just wear your birthday suit. You can be ready to go anywhere in an instant. If you spill sauce on your birthday suit during lunch, no problem. Just wipe it off. You see, your birthday suits doesn’t stain, like clothes do.

So why do people object to other wearing their birthday suit? I have no idea, especially when you can see all the benefits of wearing it. We never have to remember to put on our birthday suit when we leave the house. This was what we were born with, this is how we all are normally and naturally. It is just stupid conditioning, that makes people afraid to wear their birthday suit, or if they get upset when seeing another birthday suit. After all we all have similar birthdays suits. It is not like we have never seen one before. Maybe they are shocked at seeing one in a place where it normally is never seen. Well I have two thoughts on that. Do you get as upset if you see a clown on a bus? You don’t normally see clowns on buses. How about someone wearing a costume shaped like a hotdog. That doesn’t happen everyday, yet no one calls the police. My other thought is if people get upset at seeing a birthday suit in a place where we don’t normally see them, then maybe there should be more birthday suits in those places. Which means we will get used to seeing them everywhere, and it will no longer have that shock value.

We are in the 21st century and yet we still hang on to an 18th century view. It is time our culture matches the century we live in, and progress to a healthy attitude to our birthday suits.

Kimberly loved being photographed in her birthday suit, and she hopes that you are not shocked by seeing it. Instead she hopes you like her birthday suit too, as this was what she was born with.

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