Blonde Zoey fully nude for Body in Mind

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Many women who claim to be feminists are not. Feminists are famous for claiming they would love to see a world created by women but if true why then do some of them waste their efforts trying to take over the world created by men and devote themselves to killing anything that grows naturally from the beauty, sexuality, and natural power of women?

Such as beautiful photos of happily nude women? The answer is simple: it’s because many “feminists” are not admirers of women. They are fake feminists. Instead of seeing women as noble creatures, intelligent, proud, strong, they see women as small, powerless, and stupid.

They appoint themselves champions of those few fainting females who are unable to fend for themselves in “a man’s world”. They assume to do the thinking and parenting for young women who are supposedly hopelessly confused and frightened by sexual imagery and fashion ads.

And they consistently attack the few strong women brave enough to openly use and enjoy their beauty and sexuality. In fact, we can’t even imagine men seeing women as poorly or treating them as badly as fake feminists do.

Women are not the crying, cringing, clinging creatures fake feminists make them out to be. Women are nothing more – and nothing less – than half the human race. Reminding us that women already ARE men’s equals in every conceivable way is what real feminism is all about.

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