Redheaded Adrienne from Nude-Muse

“Purple is a calming colour and appeals to many people. This purple satin series with Adrienne is about showing that the nude human form, no matter how much is visible, is beautiful, tasteful, stylish, creative and artistic. The human body is just the vessel we inhabit our entire lives. At one point some idiot decided that certain parts of our bodies are bad and taboo and no one should look at them. It was most likely a frustrated celibate monk, in the time when people feared the church or they would be next on the rack or burned at the stake. So what ever the church said in those days, was accepted as truth.

Although today we are far more enlightened and many religious people have a far more open mind and accept nudity for what it is, there are still a significant proportion of people that have major issues with nudity, let alone with labia and penises. The satin series shows that even if you see the intimate parts of a human being, that is just a small part of the overall human being. The sight of a labia is not what a woman is about. She is not just a walking labia/vagina. Yet the way certain individuals behave, they almost make it seems that is so. These photos hope to show that by revealing the human body in it’s entirety, that people will understand that we are a sum of many parts. Each just as important as the other. That a vagina is just another part of the body. Just as hands, mouths ears and back are parts of the human body. We somehow have no problem with those, even though two out of those four can also serve a direct sexual function

Some might ask is this art? Yes it certainly is. The images are not designed to be sexual. The setting is not sexual, and Adrienne is not posing nor exhibiting any sexual desires. Art is also about questioning how some people think. To provide an alternate look at the same idea, or in this case the human body. We could have made it very clinical, but then you can get that in any medical textbook. We want to present this idea as a form of art and to show the true beauty of Adrienne.

We should also give a special thanks to Adrienne and other models like her, who are willing to expose their entire bodies, to demonstrate a point. A very special thanks because so few people are comfortable enough with themselves to put their body on the line for art.”