New model from Body in Mind – Jess Robinson

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It’s been a while since we talked about superbeauty on BiM so we thought it was about time. Superbeauty is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s female beauty that takes beauty to a new higher level. Superbeauty is like something from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, except that the models are nude. Superbeauty also looks like something from Playboy, except with a completely non-sexual moral slant. Actually, superbeauty is more like Playboy and Sports Illustrated combined – sexy, bold, vivacious women, posing happily and confidently nude, in stunning surroundings with exceptional skill in an adoring, artful style. This has been the goal of Body in Mind since it began – the infusion of objective human values into images of nude women. Several years ago I wrote in an attempt to help bring superbeauty into popular culture “It’s weird, but in a world with Victoria’s Secret catalogs and television commercials, bare breasts on prime time television and in public, where Playboy bunnies become models and supermodels pose nude, where porn stars become actresses and actresses make pornographic videos – indeed, in a culture so absolutely saturated with images of beautiful women – pictures that blend the female body with the most wholesome morality, pictures embodying the epitome of female beauty, are the only ones that don’t exist.” Even today images of women with absolutely no clothes, no shame and no overt sexuality seem to exist only on BiM. Our newest set of Jess Robinson is one of them.

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