Enjoy Mia without make-up!

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No man wishes his girlfriend or wife would wear MORE make-up. The truth is women don’t wear make-up for men. They do it to compete with other women. Conventional wisdom says men are the competitive sex. But the truth is women might be far more competitive than men. Even to the point of obsession. For example, can you imagine men being more interested in images of other men than in images of women? Yet women would rather look at other fully dressed women than naked men! Furthermore, the whole feminist movement, might it simply be about taking over the political and cultural reigns of civilisation? Since men already seem to be quite afraid of them, women taking over the world really means taking over control of other women. Perhaps this is why beauty-hating feminists are so determined to eliminate images of sexy women from our culture. And why they want to so badly that they are even willing to condemn anti-cancer campaigns that employ sexy spokesmodels or no-make-up selfies by beautiful women. And why they’re not concerned with magazines that viciously attack female celebrities for being too thin or too fat. And why they consistently paint other women as victims when they’re not. And why their solution is to force equal numbers of women into government when women themselves don’t want to run. (Guess who’ll get those positions?) The bottom line is, hundreds of years ago men used to paint their faces, wear wigs, tights & pointy shoes. Thank goodness we no longer expect each other to do so. We can only hope women will become less estranged from their natural sexuality too, will start looking at men more than women, and will lighten up. Make-up is really pretty silly, on men, or women. And so it trying to stick your pointy shoe up the world’s ass.

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