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Glamour means beauty for its own sake. Glamour photography of women such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or Page 3 of the Sun in England, is not meant to sell anything but itself, to sell female beauty. Think about it: the SI and Page 3 photos are not advertisements depicting a beautiful girl reading that magazine or paper or any other product, they are photos that include only what makes the girl look beautiful, a nice sunset or location, bright patterns or colours, or an interesting pose. Yes the photos sell the magazine or paper they are in but the magazine or paper are not in the photos. That is the difference between a glamour photo and a glamourous advertisement. We buy a product in an ad because the beautiful girl makes us think it will make our life better. But we buy a glamour photo because it will. For example as lovely & glamourous as Victoria’s Secret ads & catalog photos are there can be no doubt the photos are created for the lingerie’s sake, not for beauty’s sake alone. And it’s interesting that the SI Swimsuit Edition photos often identify the swimsuits worn as some kind of throwback to a catalog format, although we doubt anyone but the swimsuit manufacturers ever notice it. SI does this because the world has been pretty hard on glamour photos. So much so that it seems the pretty topless photos on Page 3 are possibly the only true glamour photos still being published for wide circulation in the world today. Page 3 is definitely beauty for beauty’s sake. And yes, it sells. And yes, it’s attacked. We just hope for beauty’s sake it survives.

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