Miranda loves chocolate!

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Can chocolate be used as a fashion accessory? Diamonds maybe a girls best friend but we think chocolate maybe the true friend to every girl. Sindy just loves chocolate and jumped at the chance to do this set of photos. Sindy said during our photo shoot “This is the longest chocolate has lasted in my hands”. Usually chocolate and nudes together can turn into something not quite artistic, however Sindy brings her elegant and classy style to make beautiful fashionable art with nudity and chocolate.

Chocolate…..real raw organic chocolate (known as Cacao) is nature’s super food. It has the highest antioxidant rating of any food on earth. It has over 400 flavour compounds and health properties so high that the ancient Mayans reserved cacao only for the elite of their society. Raw Cacao is great for reducing cholesterol, cardiovascular system and even help in learning and memory. An experiment with kuna Indians found that those that lived on an island regularly drank raw cacao, had lower rates of heart disease and cancer.

Thankfully chocolate is widely available in the world and enjoyed by many, including Sindy. So chocolate is a girls best friend just in a more practical and healthy way than first imagined We think Sindy nude with chocolate is art from the divine or a tasty visual treat.

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