Lech is nude and oiled up!

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Oiled nude with Lech is both a textural exploration on artistic nudes, but also a historical one. The most famous oiled nudes are the ancient Greek athletes when they oiled themselves up and competed in the Olympics totally nude.

The nude body is a striking thing with its beautiful curves and shapes. Now add oil and the gloss and shine of the oil adds another level of beauty. It highlights contours of the nude body. Lech soon found out that the oil added the ability to flow, glide and slide from one pose to the next in a fluid motion that was completely effortless.

The ancient Greeks oiled themselves to show of their bodies all the more. It was purely to display themselves to full effect, something which seems true with Lech as well.

The ancient Greek Olympics and thus oiled nude bodies ended in 394AD when the Christian Emperor Theodosius I Banned all pagan festivals, because (as the story is told) the Christians hated the Olympic games which celebrated the human body.

Regardless of what happened in history to the ancient Greeks, Lech still makes an amazing sight totally nude, comfortable in her own skin, oiled, beautiful and artistic in every way.

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