Plus size model fully nude!

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Body shape and size is constantly being thrown around by mainstream media, like a rag doll, as they use this hot issue to gain ratings, not to answer any issues. When media talks about “plus size” they mean size 12 and above. The average woman in Australia is size 12-16. So according to the media the average woman (read that as the majority of women) are classed by the media as “plus size”. That doesn’t even make sense that the majority would be “abnormal”. Does that mean by the same analogy women who are less than size 12 could be classed as “under size”? What other way can we class and pigeon hole women. What other way can the media figure out to politely insult women? This series with Mystery is aimed to show that the size of a woman is only relative to herself. That no matter the “size” of a person, as long as they are healthy and vital and active, it should not matter.

Beauty is also not limited to a particular size. Beauty is a spectrum that comes in every size, shape and flavour. Beauty is as much a state of mind, a way of life, as it is a physical aspect. Our bodies are a three dimensional projection of the person within. The mind that inhabits the body. Our bodies are a reflection of our lives, our habits and the way we live life (or not live it). Mystery, shows that women of all sizes, should embrace their bodies and feel happy and comfortable with who they are. Mystery is comfortable with her body and she wishes to be a role model of sorts for other women and girls who are called “plus size”. I prefer the word curvy, as I think it is a more positive description. I think is sounds positive and is a more accurate description then “plus size”. Plus size sounds like extra large or something equally ridiculous.

Being curvy does not mean a person is lazy or eats too much. Some people eat as much as they want and never put on weight, while other (like me) just smell a cake and suddenly they put on 10kg. It is how we are born. It is our metabolism, it is how we are genetically pre-disposed to a certain body type. I hope you can all see the courage Mystery shows in revealing herself fully to the world and stating, “here I am, this is the way I am.” I also hope other curvy women embrace who they are and gain the courage to flaunt the very curves that make them special. I hope people will realise that they should accept their body type and make the most of that type. You will never become another person, but you will always be you, which is always better than trying to be someone else, or something you are not. Be something you are instead. If that makes sense.

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