Rhian Sugden – Strawberry blonde

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Usually when gorgeous willowy blondes like Rhian Sugden appear in entertainment or advertising we hear protests from politically correct people. Yet rarely do we hear complaints that glamour models or even porn stars are too beautiful. Why?
If all women are beautiful, as the modern politically correct mantra goes, they why are there not more cries for average women to be in our glamour images, or in our porn? The reason is: glamour models and porn stars are generally considered to be superficial or slightly immoral.
While the students, mothers and professional women depicted in advertising are generally thought to be ideals. The modern bias therefore doesn’t mind if great beauty is used for immoral purposes.
It only minds if great beauty is held up as an ideal. Instead of trying to convince us that gorgeous models are not really beautiful, the modern movement should be teaching us that beauty is not immoral. That way great beauty would not have to go slumming in porn, and moral women would be considered more beautiful.

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