Karmen: I am an animal too

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In a few days the Canadian government will begin turning the snow red with the blood of hundreds of thousands of baby seals.

They call it a “harvest” as if bashing seal pups on the head, impaling them with hooks, and skinning them is the same as reaping corn. Why do they do this every single year even though there is next to no market for seal meat or skins? The usual reason politicians do anything: votes.
Every year the Canadian government spends thousands of dollars – millions in total – supporting a make-work project for “unemployed” fishermen in order to win their votes instead of spending the money to transition them into real jobs.
And every year mother seals, having spent 3 months protecting and nursing their pups with the tenderest of care, are forced to watch in horror as their darling babies are heartlessly butchered right in front of them.
Saving the baby seals is a cause very dear to our hearts at Body in Mind because we are Canadian, and because we hate cruelty and the kind of stupidity that creates so much pointless suffering. We hope all our fans, viewers, readers and supporters will donate whatever they can afford to the Canadian animal welfare organisation, IFAW.ORG, the world’s leader in monitoring and fighting to end the seal hunt forever.
There is absolutely no reason for these adorable & helpless creatures to die such horrible deaths, no need for this mindless atrocity to go on year after year. Please help today to put an end to Canada’s red snow once and for all. Thank you so much!- D & L Bell (March 9, 2014) – DONATE HERE!

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