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2014-02-21 15:19:34

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Guys don’t like to hear that a woman’s beauty has anything to do with her personality because all too often it means she’s ugly and that her personality is the only thing left. But we learned many years ago looking at a photo of a beautiful nude woman in a Mexican bar that if a woman really is beautiful, even to the pickiest guys, it’s her personality that makes her so. Really. Here’s how it works: if you look at photos of hundreds of nude women (such as we saw in that bar), you’ll soon see it’s the ones who have some kind of happy enthusiasm that stand out and get noticed. Even if they don’t, men will fantasize that they do, men will actually supply the personality for a beautiful woman themselves. That’s how important a role personality plays in making a woman beautiful to a man. She has to have it or they can’t find her beautiful. It’s totally true. Okay, you can unvcover your ears now.

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