Lady Godiva – the first female superhero

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We’ve always liked the tale of Lady Godiva. In a way she was the first female superhero in history. Before her all the women of legend were villains of some sort. But Lady Godiva used her beauty for good instead of evil. Her townspeople were starving. Her husband, the town governor, had agreed to lift his taxes if Lady Godiva would ride through town completely naked. She did. The most popular version of the story, told by the religious authorities in the middle ages, was a tale of caution against the evils of nudity in which the townspeople were made to stay indoors and close their windows. The one fellow who dared peek (Peeping Tom) was struck blind. But whether she hid in her hair and hung her head in shame or rather strode proudly mounted on her steed with her head held high, her smile glistening in the sun, is up to you. It’s a legend and can be told by anyone in any way they like. We much prefer the latter version though, not only because it paints a picture of a woman in full possession of her beauty, but because the hiding version doesn’t really make any sense.

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