New art nudes with Laura from Body in Mind

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Female beauty is a talent. It’s a talent like any other. Just like athletic ability, intelligence, or a musical gift, beauty is inborn. And like any talent it can be developed or not. Most models spend long hours practicing and perfecting it. But even if they don’t they are still far better looking than most of us. Many people hate beauty, either out of resentment of others’ superior beauty or out of learned shame of their own. Oddly, such people most often declare female beauty not to be a talent for the very reason that it is: “because people are born with it and don’t have to do anything to get it”, they say. Yet defines “talent” as “a special natural ability or aptitude”. In other words, not having to do anything to get it is precisely what makes something a talent! Another reason given for why beauty is not a talent is “Models just stand there, and that doesn’t take talent.” also says “talent” is “a capacity for achievement or success”. A model’s “capacity for success” IS her ability to look good standing, or sitting, or lying down. It’s called “posing”. Athletic ability isn’t mocked just because athletes run & jump. Musical ability isn’t ridiculed if musicians sit or stand. Female beauty however is mocked, ridiculed, and belittled precisely because it’s so powerful, and like a moocher guilting the wealthy into abandoning their wealth, so beauty-haters try to shame beautiful women onto the sidelines of life. Personally, we enjoyed this set of Laura, a natural born model, way more than today’s sports highlights played to our favourite pop tune. Now THAT’S talent!

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