Beautiful Damianne naked for Body in Mind

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We all like taking pictures in nature, and there are certainly some spectacular vistas out there that augment the beauty of the nude. But we tend to disagree with the ethos that prefers naked girls cavorting in wheat fields as though they are lost little sheep too stupid to know their way home. We think there’s nothing more uplifting that placing nature at the foot of man, not the other way around. We are the only species that shapes nature to our needs instead of adjusting to whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, after all. It’s important, then, to remember that the man-made world, which is often just as awe-inspiring as mother nature’s, should take precedence. Damianne is a perfect example of what comes of a man-made world – she is healthy and vibrant, strong and happy largely because she lives in a modern, comfortable, safe world of man’s devising. If left to mother nature’s cold grasp, she probably wouldn’t live past 30 and her beauty would have been ravaged by disease, malnutrition and the rigors of childbearing. She is naturally beautiful, yes, but only because the world she lives in gives her the luxury of being so. This is why we chose to shoot her not in amongst towering boulders on some desolate shore, but rather with rocks at her feet.

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