Naked in New York!

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2014-02-21 15:18:35

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We see a lot of male stereotypes in our media, culture, and society: the athlete, the artist, the power broker, the bum, the madman, the criminal. But there is one so dark, so threatening, and apparently so evil that we never ever see him at all: the romantic. In reality, all men are romantic – perhaps even more than women, but only women are allowed to be romantic: we see romance novels in every family department store; the fronts of news magazines are consistently plastered with photos and coverage of the latest celebrity romances; daytime TV dramas have revolved around the sex lives of their characters since television was invented. But where are men’s values in our ideas of romance? It’s clear women’s values include lots of sex with a physically perfect mate; and it’s clear our society has no problem with that. It’s men’s unique romantic value it frowns upon: nudity. That’s why you never see anything like this set of Alece. It’s because it’s a man’s idea of what’s romantically appealing.

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