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The Declaration of Independence declares the right of all men to the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately it fails to declare the right of all men to keep it. For example, if it makes you happy to make music and sell it, what is the point of letting someone take it and your profits away from you? Yet that’s exactly what the US government does. If you record a song, and someone steals it and sells it, under current copyright laws in the US, you, not the government, are required to find the thief, you have to pay for any legal action against him, not the courts. Like America’s founding fathers we are witnessing the destruction that comes from bad government and legalized theft. What we need to protect copyrights once and for all is an amendment to the Declaration of Independence. Stealing is just plain wrong. God knows it, and we know it. But when it comes to stealing intellectual property and taking the profits from selling it, for some reason, everyone pretends not to know it. Perhaps it would be harder to pretend if the right to keep the happiness we pursue and achieve – our property and profits – was enshrined in America’s most cherished legal document.

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