Sammy Braddy nude for Body in Mind

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The anti-Page 3 movement keeps telling us the only purpose of topless models on Page 3 is to excite men sexually which makes it porn which means it shouldn’t be in a daily family newspaper. Yet Page 3 is the most non-sexual example of female nudity we can think of. Can you think of any photo of a woman that shows as much as Page 3 does that is less sexual and just as popular? There aren’t any, anywhere. Which means men enjoy Page 3 not as much for titillation as for inspiration. Men are told almost hourly in one way or another that our undying interest in women is either unwanted or inappropriate, so a beautiful naked lady smiling at us daily from the pages of a public newspaper is a most cheering experience. It’s validating. It tells us it’s okay to love women. Page 3 tells women something too. Women’s sexual and physical freedom is attacked daily, in every home, church, business, school, mall, theatre, and newspaper in the world, and has been since the Bible first vilified Eve. Page 3 tells women it’s okay to be sexy. We human beings need desperately to remember that the female body is a beautiful thing, and a moral thing. And that is the higher purpose of Page 3. And in Britain, at least, if nowhere else, that purpose has been achieved. The fact that Page 3 is in the most popular family newspaper proves that the beauty of the female body is considered respectable, by millions. This is a huge and unprecedented development in the world. NoMorePage3’s slogan is “Boobs aren’t news!” Sadly, the true meaning and importance of boobs on Page 3 is news to them. And the very existence of NoMorePage3 and its daily attacks proves that Page 3 needs to be daily too.

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