Marketa Belonoha nude for Body in Mind

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We often get asked what is the difference between ‘super nudes’ and ‘simple nudes’. This gallery of super nudes of Marketa Belanoha by Chris Ruegge shows it. Super nudes are like erotic glamor photos without the sex. Simple nudes are like outdoor porn without the sex. Both super nudes and simple nudes focus on beauty, not sex, but simple nudes are pretty much limited to girls smiling in fields, without much thought to the other things you find in super nudes such as dramatic poses, composition, lighting, colours, interesting locations or the model’s other qualities such as intelligence, confidence, bravery etc. Often simple nudes will add combed hair, or interesting settings or poses, etc. because these values make more beauty. This makes simple nudes into super nudes. The more values you superimpose on a photo, the more beauty there is. Super nudes add lots of values; simple nudes add only a couple. This makes super nudes simply more beautiful.

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